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After being educated at Tuskegee University and the University of North Texas, where he studied Television/Film, Anthropology, and Public Administration, Sho Baraka has spent the last decade traveling the world (5 continents, nearly 20 countries) as a recording artist, culture curator, and activist. His overseas work has ranged from leading seminars about race relations in South Africa to establishing artist hubs in Indonesia. Sho is a founder of The And Campaign,, which is an organization hoping to reshape political literacy and engagement in Christian circles. 

Sho is a three-time Billboard charting, award-nominated (Stellar & Dove) artist and founding member of internationally known hip-hop consortium 116 Clique and record label, Reach Records. 

Sho has acted in three feature films, Grace Card (2011), October Baby (2013) and Broken (2014). Sho has written and directed music videos and short films such as Trip Lee’s Invasion, Lecrae’s Don’t Waste Your Life and Reach Record’s Man Up Film. 

Sho is founder of Forth District and The And Campaign. 

Currently, Sho is combining his artistic platform with his academic pursuits, contributing a unique perspective to both arenas, while attempting to raise the culture. In addition to regularly traveling for concerts, speaking engagements, and consultation projects, Sho serves as the Executive Director of Terminus Collective, a creative network that is active in workforce development and civic innovation. Sho lives in Atlanta, GA with Patreece, his wife of sixteen years, and their three children; one daughter and two sons.

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