Friday, Feb. 15th

2 pm – 5 pm                  Conference Registration (Boren Center Atrium Space)

5 pm                            Guest Registrants – Dinner in the Dining Commons

6 pm                            Welcome (Rediger Chapel)

6:10 pm                        You Are Not Your Own – Alan Noble (Rediger Chapel)

6:35 pm                        Unless a Seed Falls: How releasing Power Opens up a New Imagination of the Kingdom – Mandy’s Smith (Rediger Chapel)

7 pm                            The Importance of following in Leadership – Dr. Habecker (Rediger Chapel)

7:30 pm                        Reflection Time

7:45 pm                        Announcements

8 pm                            Social Event (Boren Atrium)

9:30 pm                        Green Book (Cornwall Auditorium)

Saturday, Feb. 16th

8 am                             Breakfast at the Dining Commons

9 pm                            Breakout Sessions #1

TBA – Michael Wear (Rediger Chapel)

How Social Media Cultivates Expressive Individualism – Alan Noble (Cornwall Auditorium)

Navigating Conflict with Courage and Kindness – Nina Barnes (Rupp 203/205)

Spiritual Disciplines Panel Discussion – Dr. Eugene and Marylou Habecker, Sarah Arthur, Mandy   Smith, & Drew Moser (Wheeler Stage)


10 am                           TBA- Michael Wear (Rediger Chapel)

10:30 am                      Why Art?: In Defense of Creativity For Grownups – Sarah Arthur (Rediger)

11 am                           The Worthy Quest for Unity – Nina Barnes (Rediger Chapel)

11:30                            Reflection

11:45 am                      Announcements

Noon                            Lunch in the Dining Commons

1 pm                            Breakout Session #2

TBA – Mandy Smith (Rupp 203/205)

Dr. Eugene Habecker Breakout (Rediger Chapel)

When Leadership Messes with Your Calling-Spiritual Practices to THRIVE in      student Leadership – Drew Moser (Cornwall Audtiorium)

Politics through a Gospel Lens Panel– Alan Noble, Michael Wear, Skye Jethani, and Nina Barnes (Wheeler Stage)

2 pm                            Conference Break

2:30 pm                        Breakout Session #3

Getting it Done: 10 Tips for Finishing What You Started – Sarah Arthur (Rediger Chapel)

TBA – Skye Jethani (Cornwall Auditorium)

Finding Discipleship Panel – Drew Moser, Mandy Smith, Dr.  Eugene Habecker (Wheeler Stage)

3:30                             Your Leadership Self-Navigating Who You Are, and How that Impacts Your Leadership – Drew Moser (Rediger Chapel)

4 pm                            The Idol of Effectiveness – Skye Jethani (Rediger Chapel)

4:30 pm                        Conclusion

5 pm                            Dinner in DC for guests staying

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